Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the dress code at Lakewood Oaks Country Club?

Lakewood Oaks requires their members and guests wear appropriate golf attire; including collared shirts and golf shoes when on the course (no tank tops or tee shirts are permitted). Additionally, no jeans or denim are permitted on the golf course except in the winter season (November through March). Jeans and denim may be worn in all parts of the Clubhouse with the exception of the fine dining room. For more details, please see the club’s rules and regulations.

Q. If I am a resident of Lakewood, am I automatically a member of Lakewood Oaks Country Club?

No, membership to Lakewood Oaks Country Club is a separate membership however; residents are automatically “Social Members” of the club. Residents of Lakewood may also use the restaurant & banquet facilities at Lakewood Oaks at any time for dining, and/or attend all social functions hosted by the Club throughout the year.

Q. If I am a non-resident of Lakewood, but a member of Lakewood Oaks Country Club, can I use the pool, tennis, marina and other amenities in the community?

If you are a non-resident, you may purchase a special “Amenity Pass” for use of designated community swimming pools and tennis courts. The marinas, shelter houses and other community amenities are for Lakewood residents only.

Q. How will monthly dues, initiation fees and other membership fees be determined?

Dues are adjusted after careful evaluation of the area competition, market trends, quality of product, inflation and current economic conditions. Lakewood Oaks strives to institute a fair and reasonable dues structure at all times. Initiation fees will be set at a competitive level with the country club market in the Lee’s Summit/Kansas City metropolitan area. Please consult the Management Staff for details.

Q. If I have a question regarding my statement, who do I call?

You may call our Club Accountant with questions regarding your statement at (816) 373-2505 anytime Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

Q. What if I have to resign my membership?  What do I do?

If you desire to resign your membership at Lakewood Oaks Golf Club, you will need to submit a 30-day notice of resignation.

Q. If I resign from the club, but wish to return at a later date, what are my options for rejoining?

The reinstatement policy for any member who wishes to return to the club is as follows: Return within 12-months of resignation, the member will be required to pay all back dues from his/her resignation date. Return after 12-months of resignation, the member will be required to pay the current initiation fee and. applicable dues at the time of rejoining the club.

Q. Is smoking allowed at Lakewood Oaks Country Club?

Cigarette and cigar smoking is allowed on the golf course and outside areas of the club, however pursuant to the City of Lee’s Summit regulations, cigar and cigarette smoking is not allowed in the Clubhouse. A designated smoking area is available on the Club deck where heaters will be provided in the winter months.

Q. Is payment with cash accepted at Lakewood Oaks?

No, Lakewood Oaks is a cashless club, therefore green & cart fees, merchandise and/or food and beverages can be charged to your member charge account or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express).

Q. When are statements sent out - can I view my statement online?

Statements are sent out the first of the month. You will be billed for the current month’s dues plus your cart package (if applicable) and your previous month’s charges from the golf shop and/or food and beverage purchases. If you have provided ACH for billing, you will still receive your statement listing all charges. Your bill is due by the end of each month / your ACH will be charged on the 20th of each month. You may view your account statement / tickets at anytime by logging in to the Member section of the website at www.logc.org. First time users will need to register their account with their account number and password.

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